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The Lancashire, Yorkshire & Cheshire Basset Hound Club

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The Lancashire, Yorkshire & Cheshire Basset Hound Club (LYC BHC) is registered with the Kennel Club (KC) and abides by KC guidelines. It holds all its shows in accordance with KC rules and regulations and endorses the good canine practices that the KC promotes. The LYC BHC firmly believes in the KC slogan "fit for function, fit for life". It provides its members with the knowledge and education necessary to ensure that Basset Hounds live healthy and happy lives with well-informed and experienced owners.
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1st Open Show was held at Halifax Parish Church Hall on 13th October 1979
Judges Mrs Gore-Curtis and Miss Stewart of Bazalgette fame.

Rosettes were donated from 1st to VHC in every class by Mrs Sylvia Mitchell and there was a Club Diploma for Best of Breed, Best Opposite Sex and Best Puppy.

Best in Show: Metesford Blazer                       Reserve BIS: Raggalds La Belle Isolde
Best Puppy: Trevalyer Tan Gent                       Best Veteran: Ch Dowerwood Soames

Open Show held at Halifax Parish Church Hall on 10th October 1981  -  Judge by Mr Peter Laurie

Best in Show: Gladsomes Miguel                    Reserve BIS: Dacathmar Daisy Dumpling
Best Puppy: Iveson Fancyfull                            Best Veteran: Metesford Anxious

Open Show 1982 Halifax Parish Church Hall   -  Judged by Mrs R Luxmoore-Ball

Best in Show: Badgerbrook Dirty Harry          Reserve BIS: Badgerbrook Casablanca
Best Puppy: Biscovey Robert E Lee               Best Veteran: Raggalds La Belle Isolde

Open Show 1983 Barnburgh Village Hall - Judged by Mrs Joan Horsley

Best in Show: Gladsomes Davinia                  Reserve BIS: Ch Rossfell Long John Silver
Best Puppy: Metesford Mystery                       Best Veteran: Hobcote Jenny

Open Show 1984 Barnburgh Village Hall - Judged by Mrs Gladys Douglas

Best in Show: Rossfell Long John Silver         Reserve BIS: Anbarra Taryna
Best Puppy: Iveson Watchfull                            Best Veteran: Ch Witchacre Tom Tom

Open Show 1987 Barnburgh Village Hall -Judged by Mr Ken McLean

Best in Show: Ch Rossfell Crazy Horse          Reserve BIS: Whitelands Cassandra
Best Puppy: Drawdell Inca Gold                       Best Veteran: Drawdell Kalamity Kate

11th September 1988  Barnburgh Village Hall- Judged by Mrs Barbara Griffiths

Best in Show: Ch Rossfell Crazy Horse          Reserve BIS: Wellboy Lucky Lady
Best Puppy: Jussland My Lord  Percy             Best Veteran: Ch Rossfell Crazy Horse

September 1989 - Barnburgh Village Hall - Judged by Mrs Ann Argyle

Best in Show: Witchacre Stroller                     Reserve BIS: Locketwhite Inspiration of Khaberry
Best Puppy: Karipat Capability of Rossfell     Best Veteran: Ch Rossfell Crazy Horse

9th September1990 - Barnburgh Village Hall - Judged by Mrs Jill Peak

Best in Show: Ch Gladsomes Harvest Gold   Reserve BIS: Kortebin Sweet Galenas
Best Puppy: Kortebin Mathom                         Best Veteran:  Ch Gladsomes Harvest Gold

8th September 1991 at Barnburgh Village Hall  - Judged by Mrs Tanya Dovey

BIS: Lokewhite Peggy Sue of Iveson             RBIS: Balmacara Highland Prince of Bellawood
Best Puppy: Rossfell Blackberry                      Best Veteran: Ch Rossfell Crazy Horse

13th September 1992 at Barnburgh Village Hall - Judged by Mr Phil Rooney

Best in Show:  Andyne D’Artagnan                Reserve BIS: Chrizbee Blonde on Blonde
Best Puppy: Kortebin Dora Baggins                    Best Veteran: Iveson Watchfull

12th September 1993- Barnburgh Village Hall - Judged by Jo Freer

Best in Show: O’Hara Van Hollandheim         Reserve BIS: Karipat Dicken
Best Puppy: Andyne Milky Way                       Best Veteran: Ch Rossfell Crazy Horse

Open Show 11th September 1994- Village Hall, Draz - Judged by Mr Owen Skippings

Best in Show :Kortinas Storm Trooper            Reserve BIS: Iveson Ovation
Best Puppy: Saffron Tinkers Girl                      Best Veteran:  Badgerbrook Berlin of Brushdew

Championship Show 1995 - Sheffield Works Department Sports & Social Club Judges Mesdames Patricia Clayton and Jeanne Rowett-Johns.

Best in Show: Ch Bassbarr O’Sullivan            Reserve BIS: Ch White Mischief at Moragden
Best Puppy: Bassbarr Queen of Diamonds    Best Veteran: Ch Lelaurin Lennox

Championship Show 1996 - Sheffield - Judges Mesdames Betty White & Frances Meredith

Best in Show: Dereheath Cuddles                   Reserve BIS: Switherland Dersert Orchid
Best Puppy: Fivevalleys Grenadier                  Best Veteran:  Ch Highchart Evening Primrose

21st September 1997 - Village Hall, Drax -Judged by Mrs Debbie Ellrich

Best in Show: Gladsomes Moschino               Reserve BIS: Switherland Design
Best Puppy: Gladsomes Moschino                 Best Veteran: Ch Gladsomes Gold Ransom

Championship Show 1998 -Sheffield -Judges Messrs Jose De Mello and Ron White

Best in Show: Bassbarr Gilbertson                 Reserve BIS: Bassbarr Figlia Di Papa
Best Puppy: Huntford Juicy Lucy at Moragden  Best Veteran: Ch Highchart Evening Primrose

Championship Show 1999 - Sheffield -Judges Mrs Jane Harris & Mr Michael Errey

Best in Show: Bassbarr Lovelace                  Reserve BIS: Dereheath Di Stefano
Best Puppy: Switherland Color Me Blue         BestVeteran:   Rossfell Blackberry

2000 Championship Show - Osset - Judges Mrs Rosemary Parker & Mrs Ann Roberts

BIS: Ch Andyne Dancing Queen                     Reserve BIS: Switherland Color Me Blue
Best Puppy: Prebendsgate Queen of Clubs   Best Veteran: Ch Brackenacre Navan

From the year 2000 the Club was in rotation with the Hadrian BHC and the Midland B.H.C.
So we lost Championship status every third year.

Open Show 24th September 2000 - Drax Village Hall -Judged by Mr Colin Ashmore

Best in Show: Barratini Loves Dream             Reserve BIS: Stocksfield Mr Dark
Best Puppy: Rossfell Birthday Girl                   BestVeteran: Kortebin Withywindle

5th May 2002 Championship Show Harworth - Judges Mesdames Mary Feuerhelm & Veronica Ross

Best in Show: Switherland True Blue             Reserve BIS: Malrich Snow White
Best Puppy: Prebendsgate Priceless             Best Veteran: Chivwell Vauderville

20th September 2003 Open Show at Harworth Miners Welfare Hall - Judged by Mrs Tina Watkins

Best in Show: Kayham Calgary Flame           Reserve BIS: Prebendsgate Prima Donna
Best Puppy: Mooroolbark Fire & Ice               Best Veteran: Chivwell Mischief Maker

9th May 2004 -Haworth Miners Welfare Hall - Judges Mr Derek Sharpe & Mr Phil Rooney

Best in Show: Dereheath Jolly Jon                  Best Opposite Sex: Siouxline Charisse
Best Puppy: Harvidene Monz Liza                   Best Veteran: Gladsomes Givenchy of Stocksfield

Championship Show 15th May 2005 - Haworth - Judges Mesdames Sandra Thexton and Vinnie Ness

Best in Show: Ch Dereheath Marcus  Aurelius   Reserve BIS: Ch Mooroolbark Fire & Ice
Best Puppy: Dereheath Greta                         Best Veteran: Nedlaw Clementine at Harebolt

Open Show 10th September 2006 - Harworth  - Judged by Mrs Adele Walton-Haddon

Best In Show:  Kimbleholme Secret Chamber    Reserve BIS:  Woferlow Dolly Mixture
Best Puppy:  Tigrine Lady Francesca             Best Veteran:  Katluc Radgy Gadgy:

5th May 2007 Harworth Miners Welfare Hall - Judges Mrs Patsy Tranter and Mr Martin Hewitt.

Best in Show: Switehrland Royal Raider             Reserve BIS: Fivevalley's Rum Punch
Best Puppy: Tanneron Abraham Lincoln

18th May 2008 My Pet Stop Tingley -Judge Mr Ken McLean

Best in Show: Durins Flame of the West            Reserve BIS:  Ch Switherland Foreign Blues
Best Puppy: Switherland Free & Fruity Best      Veteran: Ch Dereheath Keaton

10th May 2009 - My Pet Stop Tingley - Judges Mrs J Haynes and Mr Brian Henry

Best in Show: Ch Switherland Foreign Blues    Reserve BIS:  Malrich Eisenhower
Best Puppy: Malrich Diesel at Dereheath          Best Veteran: Dereheath Pedridot at Dearduenna

8th May 2010 - Judges Mr Nick Frost and Mrs Marita Rodgers

Best in Show: Ch Durins Flame of the West     Reserve BIS: Ribbleriver Show Me Off at Sedonia
Best Puppy: Dereheath Groovy Movie at Roamanbay   Best Veteran: Ch Dereheath Marcus Aurelius

May 2011 - Judges Mr Ron Parker  and Mrs Sandra Johnston

Best in Show: Dereheath Grovie Movie.              Reserve BIS: Ch. Buzz Lightyear of Dereheath
Best Puppy: Woferlow Reggie Perrin at Dereheath     Best Veteran: Ch. Bromwylva Imperial Mint at Dereheath
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