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The Lancashire, Yorkshire & Cheshire Basset Hound Club

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The Lancashire, Yorkshire & Cheshire Basset Hound Club (LYC BHC) is registered with the Kennel Club (KC) and abides by KC guidelines. It holds all its shows in accordance with KC rules and regulations and endorses the good canine practices that the KC promotes. The LYC BHC firmly believes in the KC slogan "fit for function, fit for
life". It provides its members with the knowledge and education necessary to ensure that Basset Hounds live healthy and happy lives with well-informed and experienced owners.

This should have been held on the 4th December 2010 but was cancelled owing to the very adverse weather experienced here in the North.

However, it was rescheduled and we were very pleased that Mr & Mrs Fryer’s young bitch Tigrine Lady Helga was able to represent the LYC Basset Hound Club.

It was also pleasing that the Hadrian Basset Hound Club was also represented by Mrs Brunskill and son Blake with their hound.

The event was eventually held early 2011 at the Hemsworth Miners Social Club.  Tickets were £9.00 with an excellent buffet.  The doors opened at 3.00p.m. with judging commencing at 4.00 p.m.    This was on the usual knock out system - two pups competing against one another with the winner going to the next round.  On this occasion Mr Killea was the appointed Judge.

Naturally there was a super raffle with some superb prizes to be won - if you had the correct numbers  - you only need ask Mrs Fryer as not only did Lady Helga only get knocked out by the eventual Best Puppy who won £50.00 but Pat went home with a load of goodies.

The LYC was only too happy to support the venture which for the first occasion had many sponsors.  We hope that this will continue in the future as a good time was had by all.