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The Lancashire, Yorkshire & Cheshire Basset Hound Club

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The Lancashire, Yorkshire & Cheshire Basset Hound Club (LYC BHC) is registered with the Kennel Club (KC) and abides by KC guidelines. It holds all its shows in accordance with KC rules and regulations and endorses the good canine practices that the KC promotes. The LYC BHC firmly believes in the KC slogan "fit for function, fit for
life". It provides its members with the knowledge and education necessary to ensure that Basset Hounds live healthy and happy lives with well-informed and experienced owners.
The following books are very informative and are all available for sale from the Secretary:
Author: Elizabeth Lanyon
Author: Marianne R Nixon
Author: Robert E. Booth
English Breed Specialist
American Breed Specialist
for further information of how to order COST and P&P etc., please email Secretary