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The Lancashire, Yorkshire & Cheshire Basset Hound Club was the brain child of a gentleman named Mr Richard Hankinson, of Stalybridge who one day  in early 1978 asked the question - “Why is there no club covering the area from the Midlands BHC to the Hadrian BHC?”

The obvious answer was that no one had asked the Kennel Club about organizing a Regional Club covering the old county boundaries of Lancashire, Yorkshire & Cheshire.

After ascertaining that there was definitely interest in this venture Mr Hankinson contacted the Kennel Club and a list of Founder Members - all offering a slight fee meant that after Kennel Club approval the new Lancashire, Yorkshire & Cheshire Basset Hound Club was formed.

Richard was always seen wearing a deer stalker hat and smoking his pipe and it was this caricature that surmised the Founder and became the Club’s logo.  Now you will notice that the pipe has disappeared in the interest of best practice!

Richard was also very interested in the Morris Men and we are pleased to say that he was appointed Squire over all the Morris Men of England at one time.  He still has strong association with the Morris Men and is now joined by his son.

The original Officers and Committee after the inaugural meeting were appointed as follows:-

President:  Miss Patricia Clayton

Chairman:  Mr Dennis Ledward

Vice Chairman:  Mrs Sylvia Mitchell

Treasurer:  Mr Richard Hankinson

Secretary:  Mr Dave Mitchell

Committee consisted of:-

Mr Andrew Bridge, Mr Dave Mann, Mr Dave Lee.
Mrs Linda Guy, Mrs Margaret Ledward, Mrs Mona Bridge, Mrs Tricia Hankinson, Mrs Susan Davies, Mrs Kath Mann, Mrs Mary Feuerhelm, Mrs Jackie Lee, Mrs Jo Williamson, Mrs Julia Fish   (now Mrs Julie Muttock).

Mrs Jackie Lee was nominated as Social Secretary
Mrs Kath Mann took on the role of Cup Steward, whilst husband Dave took on the task of editing a Club newsletter. He  did an excellent job and you could tell which Newsletter you were receiving by the colour of the cover.  Green for Spring; Blue for Summer; and Gold for Autumn.

Social Committee consisted of Jackie Lee, Susan Davies, Margaret Ledward and Sylvia Mitchell

It is interesting to note that membership fees at that time were £3.00 Joint; £2.00 Single  Junior Membership was the grand sum of 25p per annum,  with Life Membership  at £20. 

Advertising in the newsletter cost £1.00 for a full page advertisement per issue. With 50p for half page advertisement per issue but the Breeders Directory was £1.00 for three insertions.

The first A4 size newsletter came out in  and in October 1979 the first Open Show was held in Halifax, Yorkshire.

By late 1979 we had another President in Mr A.S.Graham of Fred Basset Fame and to this very day we still have strong ties with the Fred Basset family in Mrs Arran Keith.

Even in October 1979 the Club had quality T shirts @ £2.75, badges and key fobs @ 50p & £1. for sale.

There was a change in Committee by September 1980 when Jo Williamson left and Mr Ron Parker and Mrs Veronica Mellor joined the fray!

Regarding shows, it was unanimously decided that the Club would hold a show in each of the Counties mentioned in its title and this was carried out until the Kennel Club decided that Clubs should lose one Show - when again on a unanimous decision one show would be held west of the Pennines and the other show would be held east of the Pennines.

Officers, nor their immediate family are allowed to show or handle a hound at any of the Club shows and this rule still stands to the present day.

Going back to the early Newsletters it is interesting to note that the Chairman stressed that the Newsletter was the members and he stated - ‘I stress, YOUR newsletter because it is your voice, being for you and about you, so do let the hard-working editor have some of your items of news for publication, frequently and promptly.  This will save him many sleepless nights, walking the dogs, wondering what on earth to publish.’  (WHAT HAS CHANGED in the intervening years - NOTHING - and this applies to all Club Editors who work extremely hard to produce a newsletter.  Where are the articles?  We are still waiting!

Members were asked to adhere to a Code of Ethics in respect of their conduct at shows and breeding of hounds but it was nothing compared to the Code of Ethics of today.

In 1982 the Secretary, and Assistant Secretary left and on a postal ballot Mrs Ledward was appointed Secretary and Mr Mann was appointed Assistant Secretary.  Committee changes occurred as some members moved out of the area, felt that maternity duties and committee work was too much and unfortunately, in some cases we lost a committee member through death, making room for others to join the committee.  Miss Mellor and Rosemary Parker.joined and in 1985 Arthur Mellor along with Mr & Mrs Griffiths , Mr Douglas and Mrs Leonard joined the committee. 

Unfortunately, our President, Mr A Graham died and Mrs Graham was appointed and we were pleased when Miss Liz Fraser joined the Presidents in the 90’s.   When Mrs Graham died, her daughter Arran joined the Presidents so that we have been able to keep an unbroken line to Fred Basset.

Because there was a North West Branch of the Basset Hound Club in the area, it was agreed that the LYC  Club would not encroach on their walks but as members of the Club were, in the main, members of the branch it could be said that the walks were a joint venture.

However, the Social Committee was kept very busy arranging Fun Days, Hot Pot Suppers and the like.

The Club has raised money for various charities such as the Guide Dogs for the Blind, The British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research, Wythenshawe Heart Transplant Unit as well as the Animal Health Trust and is at present endeavouring to raise money for any research which may require funding in respect of the present day Basset Hound.

The Club was pleased to be represented at the Northern Dog Centre Puppy Competition until it was disbanded. In fact, one year, our member, Mrs Holdsworth won Top Puppy.  The only time that a Basset Hound took top honours.

The Lancashire, Yorkshire & Cheshire Basset Hound Club

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The Lancashire, Yorkshire & Cheshire Basset Hound Club (LYC BHC) is registered with the Kennel Club (KC) and abides by KC guidelines. It holds all its shows in accordance with KC rules and regulations and endorses the good canine practices that the KC promotes. The LYC BHC firmly believes in the KC slogan "fit for function, fit for
life". It provides its members with the knowledge and education necessary to ensure that Basset Hounds live healthy and happy lives with well-informed and experienced owners.
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